Beautiful Lei Cards

It never fails to have a few greeting cards on hand to write that personalized thank you note, congratulations, birthday, announcement, or any time. Need a few beautiful cards for any specific reason? Well let me show you the cards I’ve been making lately.

By now you may have figured out I live in Hawaii and one of my favoritest things about Hawaii is flowers (and sunshine, and ocean, and more sunshine, etc., etc., etc.).

Tadaa! How about sending or hand delivering a beautiful 3D Lei Card.

Lei Card orange


When a lei is placed around your neck it becomes an extension of the givers arms and is like giving someone appreciation and a hug of sorts.  Imagine this… You can now send each calei card as a paper hug. And because this is a paper lei it will last for much longer than flowers so you can admire it for a long time.

I actually dreamed up (imagineered) these lei cards when I was teaching card making classes at a local retirement center here in Hawaii. Every week or so i had a class of about 20 ladies excited to create and socialize.  It was a lot of fun and kept me on my creative toes because i had to think of ideas and prep for them every workshop. Back then i used to make smaller cards. Now each card is 5″ by 5″ and takes an hour to make.

Here’s more of the colors i have made.

in a few days i plan on having these cards for sale in my store. I’m so excited.

Reimagined Storge Chest

The last few months I have been recovering for Achilles tendon ankle syrgery. I actually got grounded by the doctor when he found out I was walking too much.  I can’t help it, I was trying to accelerate my healing. In my defence he never said I wasn’t supposed to walk. So what do you do with all this time on you hands?

Make things!

Or, make things better. Re-imagine, recycle, up-cycle, CREATE!


This chest I found at a nearby Ross discount store caught my attention but I really couldn’t imagine it sitting on the floor. That was way too ordinary. But I bought it and lugged it home anyway. (Lugged that bugger 7 blocks on foot. This was before I had surgery.) It wasn’t perfect but I was hopeful.

I like things that are easy to move and a full chest was doubtful. But then I was thinking… what if I screwed industrial wheels on the bottom of this classical (imitation) traveler’s trunk? I have kind of a Eclectic taste in decorating and industrial fit right in with my Midcentury Modern, Industrial, Coastal, Asian, Wabi-Sabi assortment. That would raise it off the floor and make a great eclectic coffee/side table.

One quick little trip to Home Depot and I had wheels (which cost almost as much as the trunk), screws and 2 L shaped brackets to hang some things that have been waiting for me to get to for at least 6 months. Did I mention that big-box hardware stores are feeding grounds for creative brains? One time, years ago, on a mainland far away I actually got a girl crush with a Home Depot female when she started talking about how to fix or do whatever my friend and I were shopping for.

When I got my treasures home from the hardware store I pulled the chest up and onto my bed and turned it over. Much to my surprise I do not have the strength to screw screws into the wood bottom of the chest. Wait! What?! It simply boggled me but I was not ready to give up. A quick trip to the local CVS store (called Longs in Hawaii) and a newly purchased tube of Gorilla Glue Gel (what I like to think of as liquid Duct Tape for the modern girl) and I was back in Business.

TaaDaa! And there you have it. A full day of exerting creative energy and this Creative creature was pleased with herself for making something better than it started it’s life as.  Its corny but I really love how this project turned out.  Someday if I want to age it a bit (think knocking it about a bit and sanding edges and bits of stain here and there) I think it will give it even more character.

Berniece and the Japanese Bomber

Arizona Memorial

Today I met Berneice, who’s visiting from Alaska, and a couple here from Australia. While the couple were talking about their visit to Pearl Harbor yesterday, out of the blue Berniece said “I was 5 and outside in the yard and I saw a Plane flying so low I could see the Japanese mans face.”

Whoa! That was a conversation stopper. At least for a few seconds and the three of us had a chance to comprehend what she was saying.  The questions started… You lived in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japan? Oh my gosh, that must have been terrifying. What was it like?

“I was only a child. I didnt understand what was going on. I went in and woke my parents up and told them I saw the man in the plane.” “My dad was in the navy.” And from there 81year old Berniece blew our minds away talking about her 5 year old experiences during the 1941 war in Hawaii.

l didnt know the pilots flew so low when they were attacking. I didnt remember that the reason no fighter jets intercepted the bombers is because they thought they were allie’s planes. The shock and surprise must have been crippling.

She talked about how where they lived didn’t have bomb shelters so some kind of bushes or something were built up and when there were air raids she and her mother and others had to crawl in and hide until it was safe again. It all struck me as so surreal that I was meeting someone first hand that lived here in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I have met veterans from then but to hear it from a child’s perspective was amazing. It brought that time in the history of Hawaii alive again. It wasnt just a story in history books or movies from tv. It was real and I was fortunate to meet Berniece hear about that part of her life. When we were done talking I hugged her and thanked her.

Aloha nui loa Berniece. You are amazing.


Photo by Tammi Hitchcock.

OMGee I’m So Excited!

Isn’t this stamp about the cutest thing you’ve seen today? I received it in the mail from England last week.  I’m over the moon with excitement!

It’s true, I have an Etsy store and I’m working on branding myself (not that kind of branding, get your mind off those cow butts). As you’ve probably noticed by now I am known in some circles as tweetpea. Whoa, what a surprise!

So when i started thinking of all the things that you need to become branded with your logo and there are a lot of different items. The short list includes: business cards, thank you notes, invoices, and a way to mark my projects/products so people can find me again.

The amount of money you can spend on things that aren’t directly making a profit is a bit overwhelming, so I put my brain to work and decided to get a personalized rubber stamp. I can use it to mark projects, cards, envelopes, and hopefully more. I had this stamp made by the cutest Little Stamp Store that I found on Etsy and I am totally in love with it. Their process was easy and they shipped it fast also. Thank you Little Stamp Store!

Now i just need to start stamping the backs of lei greeting cards I’ve been making so I can list them in my Etsy store.

P.S. Okay, I admit, I may get a small tattoo of my logo and technically that really does mean I’ll be branded, but not on my butt.

This Tiger is Starting Over

This Creative creature born in the year of the Tiger/Water1 is taking her online life and starting over. I’ve let my blog go to obscurity and neglected it until it had lost it’s purpose. But that is over. Clean slate and l’m starting over.

I can hear you thinking, well that’s boring why should I read on? Well, I hope you will find this journey interesting… If you are a creative individual you may be able to relate. If you’re not then I hope you learn a little about how the creative person experiences the world.  Ugg. That sounds a little lofty. But it’s not meant to be.

You see being a Creative means you see things differently. You see beauty in almost everything. You see potential instead of raw materials. It’s similar to the concept of why a staged house sells so much easier than an empty house in real estate. A creative person (the stager) has helped you visualize what could be a reality.

Almost daily when i am outside my house my  brain is so filled with taking in everything around me, I’m constantly looking for beauty in everything. My mind spins with ideas I will never in 10 lifetimes be able to complete, and it’s hard to focus on the drudgery of miniscule detials of everyday life. So I ignore things. Sadly that is what happened to my old blog, and rather than try to ressurect it I’ve decided to wipe the slate clen and start again.

Thank you for joining me on this new journey.

a.k.a. tweetpea


1. Chinese astrology is theorized that a person’s characteristics are decided by their birth year’s zodiac animal sign and associated with one of 5 elements. Mine are Tiger & Water: brave, competitive, unpredictable, and self-confident, and an innate ability to learn something new, yadda, yadda.

Interrested in learning more about Chinese astrology and how it may help you understand yourself, ask the Googles “Chinese Astrology“. (YES , I am such a helpful person I’ve done it for you. GO ahead and click the link.) You’re welcome. 🙂